Sedentary Reminder

Sets sedentary reminder

Turn sedentary reminders on or off.

_blePlugin.sendSedentaryReminder(bool enable);

Gets sedentary reminder

Gets sedentary reminder status.

bool enable = await _blePlugin.querySedentaryReminder;

Sets sedentary reminder time

Sets the effective period of sedentary reminder.

_blePlugin.sendSedentaryReminderPeriod(SedentaryReminderPeriodBean info);

Parameter Description :


valuevalue typevalue description
periodintSedentary reminder period (unit: minute)
stepsintMaximum number of steps
startHourintStart time (24-hour clock)
endHourintEnd time (24-hour clock)

Get sedentary reminder time

Query the watch for sedentary reminder valid period.

SedentaryReminderPeriodBean info = await _blePlugin.querySedentaryReminderPeriod()
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