Do Not Disturb

Sets the do not disturb time

The watch supports the Do Not Disturb period. Do not display message push and sedentary reminders during the time.

 _blePlugin.sendDoNotDisturbTime(PeriodTimeBean info);

Parameter Description :


valuevalue typevalue description
startHourintStart time hours (24-hour clock)
startMinuteintStart time minutes
endHourintEnd time hours (24-hour clock)
endMinuteintEnd time minutes

Gets the do not disturb time

Check if do not disturb the time set by the watch.

PeriodTimeResultBean info = await _blePlugin.queryDoNotDisturbTime;

Callback Description(event):


callback valuecallback value typecallback value description
periodTimeTypeinttype of event
periodTimeInfoPeriodTimeBeanspecific event


valuevalue typevalue description

Notes´╝ÜPeriodTimeResultBean is a class shared by Do not disturb and Quick View. By specifying the type of periodTimeType, it indicates that the returned periodTimeInfo belongs to the information of that function

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