Menstrual Cycle

Sets the menstrual cycle reminder

 _blePlugin.sendMenstrualCycle(MenstrualCycleBean info);

Parameter Description :


valuevalue typevalue description
physiologcalPeriodintMenstrual cycle (unit: day)1
menstrualPeriodintMenstrual period (unit: day)
startDateStringmenstrual cycle start time
menstrualReminderboolMenstrual start reminder time (the day before the menstrual cycle reminder)
ovulationReminderboolOvulation reminder (a reminder the day before ovulation)
ovulationDayReminderboolOvulation Day Reminder (Reminder the day before ovulation)
ovulationEndReminderboolReminder when ovulation is over (a reminder the day before the end of ovulation)
reminderHourintReminder time (hours, 24 hours)
reminderMinuteintReminder time (minutes)

Gets the menstrual cycle reminder

MenstrualCycleBean info = await _blePlugin.queryMenstrualCycle;
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