Quick View

Sets the quick view

Turns the quick view on or off.

/// quickViewState: true enable; false otherwise.
_blePlugin.sendQuickView(bool enable);

Gets the quick view

Gets the quick view state of the device.

bool quickViewState = await _blePlugin.queryQuickView;

Sets the effective time for quick view

The watch supports setting the effective time period for turning the wrist and turning on the screen, and it is only valid when turning the wrist and turning on the screen within the set time period.

_blePlugin.sendQuickViewTime(PeriodTimeBean info);

Parameter Description :


valuevalue typevalue description
endHourintend time hours
endMinuteintend time in minutes
startHourintstart time hours
startMinuteintstart time in minutes

Gets the effective time for quick view

PeriodTimeResultBean info = await _blePlugin.queryQuickViewTime;

Callback Description:


callback valuecallback value typecallback value description
periodTimeTypeinttype of event
periodTimeInfoPeriodTimeBeanspecific event


valuevalue typevalue description

Notes´╝ÜPeriodTimeResultBean is a class shared by Do not disturb and Quick View. By specifying the type of periodTimeType, it indicates that the returned periodTimeInfo belongs to the information of that function

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